Duct Cleaning

Have you had your Ducts cleaned lately?

Dicks Heating & Air also has a division that caters to duct cleaning. This division of the company has well trained personnel, that will evaluate your systems troubles and recommend the proper solution to correct the problem. We will recommend to you the necessary corrections to your system, in order to have your system the best condition as possible for the highest quality indoor air possible. We strongly recommend the duct system be sealed air tight at all connections and install the highest quality filtration system possible after the system has been cleaned.


Frequently asked questions on Indoor Air Qualityduct cleaning

» Why should I have my air duct system cleaned?

Stop and think how long you have lived in the home or worked in the office! Have you ever cleaned the air duct system? How often do you vacuum the carpets, dust, and wash the windows? The same dust and dirt is building up inside your duct system. Doesn’t it make good sense to clean the air duct system!


» How often should I have the air duct system cleaned?
The requirement to have your air duct system cleaned depends on several conditions. One is the usage. Systems that are operated heavier and run longer move more air. The more air moved the sooner the system will need to be cleaned. Normal cleaning should be up to the homeowner to decide. To schedule duct cleaning estimate click here


» Is there any standards for cleaning air duct systems?
Yes, there are cleaning standards for cleaning air duct systems. In fact there are standards for not only cleaning systems, but for identify and correcting existing system problems. The standards are set by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association.


» What should I look for when I need my system cleaned?
Always choose a contractor that is licensed in the business. Ask for references, check licenses, insurance’s and method used to clean the system. The method of cleaning, as per E.P.A


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