Heat Pumps

traneoutdoorunitA heat pump is an all-in-one cooling & heating system. Many of our customers are confused by the term “heat pump” when we are discussing it as a form of cooling or air conditioning.  During the  summer months, it works like an air conditioner. A heat pump will extract heat from inside your home and transfer it to the air outside – allowing the inside temperature of your home to become cooler! In cooler or winter months , it does the opposite – taking heat from outside and moving it inside. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a heat pump can be combined with a furnace in a dual-fuel system. When used during the winter months, a heat pump can be three to four times more efficient in the use of electric power. A heat pump may be an ideal solution for those customers who want a robust heating system with the flexibility of having a cooled home for those shorter Pacific Northwest summers. You can have a heating and cooling solution in one system with a heat pump system – call Dick’s Heating today to schedule an appointment today to find out if this is a solution for you.




When you’re considering the return on investment with your new heating and air conditioning system, consider this. While price is important, it’s equally important to assess how much your system is going to cost to operate and maintain year in and year out – the overall value. For example, higher efficiency systems will result in lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, longer warranties and up to a 15% tax-free return on your investment. Now grab your heating or air conditioning bill, and take this quick energy cost analysis to give you a small sample of the value of modern equipment.

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